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Halloween Witch

Стъпка 1Brush the eyebrow hair upwards with a Disposable Mascara Brushes to ensure the hair all lie in the same direction. Take a fine angled brush and run it along the tip of the pencil Faceliner (10). Now the brush is loaded with product to create a strong defined angled brow, also use the pencil directly if needed. Ensure the start of the brow is more translucent than the tail of the brow. Over this faded area, use Очна линия (black) to carefully paint individual defined hairs. Once complete, apply a layer of Гел за оформяне на вежди (clear) to set and secure through the natural brow hairs.
Стъпка 2Apply HD крем очна линия (snow) over the eyelid and up to the brow. Sweep Сенки за очи мат (AB 22) past the crease line to create a base color, blend out to give a smokey finish. For definition, contour the socket and lower lash line with Сенки за очи мат (RB 40) and Сенки за очи мат (deep black). HD крем очна линия (snow) is applied to the center of the socket line, creating a sharp cut crease. To add sparkle to the inner corners of the eye, Hydro Spirit Gum 12 мл is dabbed on, followed by pressing in Polyester Glimmer среден (pearl lilac) and Glamour Sparks (purple). Очна линия (black) is then selected as a strong graphic liner for the top lash line. Line the bottom waterline with Faceliner (10). Eyelashes Горни мигли TV 4 are applied using Лепило за мигли Pro 4 гр (black) and finished with layering Supreme Volume Mascara (black).
Стъпка 3База HD Micro is first applied before Supracolor 8 мл (G 108) and Supracolor 8 мл (070) are blended together and applied as the base over the whole face, neck, and chest. The face is then highlighted with Supracolor 8 мл (070) and Supracolor Interferenz 8 мл (silver G) to enhance the bone structure. Apply to the center of the forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and chin. To add more density, set the highlight areas with Сенки за очи мат (white). Highlight cheeks with Сенки за очи гланц (PV G) before contouring with Сенки за очи мат (eggplant). There should be intense depths of contour and soft hues; whichever areas of the face that are left without highlight and contour should be set with Транспарентна пудра 60 гр (TL 1).
Стъпка 4For the graphic detailing, Очна линия (black) is used to create fine lines that will wing outwards and down from the outer edge of the eye. Keep a light pressure during the application to achieve this intricate detail, slowly creating the abstract web design.
Стъпка 5Complete the look by lining the lips with Faceliner (10). Over-exaggerate the lip line and enhance the cupid's bow. Fill the lips in with HD крем очна линия (ebony) using an angled brush, then set with Сенки за очи мат (deep black) for a velvety matt finish. Dab a little Hydro Spirit Gum 12 мл onto the center of the lips, then press in Glamour Sparks (purple) on top, followed by Polyester Glimmer среден (pearl lilac).

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