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Digital Lavender

Step 1
The skin should be free of any products. Start cleansing the skin by spraying Clean & Care Natural Micellar Water 120 ml on a cotton pad and gently massaging it into the skin to further remove impurities and excess sebum.
Step 2
Apply a generous amount of Овлажняващ крем Dermacolor all over the face – around the eye area, neck, and any other part skin. Massage it into the face until it is all absorbed. This ensures the skin is well hydrated and ready to start the make-up.
Step 3
To add a natural glow to the complexion, use Shimmering Event Фон дьо тен in the shade Silver with the Blue Master Dual-Fiber Blending Brush Large on the high points of the face like the temples, cheeks, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, and chin. This emphasizes the ethereal look.
Step 4
In this next step, we are creating the signature eye feature. Mix HD крем очна линия (ruby red), HD крем очна линия (snow), and HD крем очна линия (sky blue), following a 2:2:1 ratio, to obtain a soft, light Lavender color. With a flat brush, apply the color mixture as an eye base all over the top eyelid to frame the eyes. Use a clean Brush to soften any edges. Let it self-set. After a short while, continue with the next step.
Step 5
To intensify the eye base color, use eye shadow in Nacre G and RB 43 G, from Сенки за очи палитра 18 цвята (V 1). Press it onto the eyelid. Use a clean blending brush Blue Master Eye Shadow Blender Brush to soften any edges.
Step 6
Now it’s time to add some shimmer for that ethereal look. Press Glamour Sparks in the color Aqua all over the eyes, brow bone, and into the inner corner of the eye with the Illusion Perfect Petal Brush. This will add more dimension to the look.
Step 7
The focus in the following steps is on the skin. Use a small amount of the Digital Complexion Neutralizer (here in DCN 43 but go with the shade that is really needed) and blend with the Blue Master Dual-Fibre Blending Brush Small in the inner corner and under the eyes to correct any discoloration before moving on to the foundation. Let it self-set. Tip: Make sure to use just a tiny bit and slightly and gently stipple it in.
Step 8
Apply sheer layers of the Digital Complexion Fluid Foundation (here in the shade Y24) and buff them with the Blue Master Ultimate Buffing Brush into the skin starting from the center of the face. Work your way outwards. Allow each layer to self-set before building the coverage you want to achieve.
Step 9
If you need additional correction in some areas, use the Digital Complexion Коректор with the Blue Master Concealer Brush (here in the shade Y24) where correction or brightness is required. Usually, this would be the case in the inner corners of the eyes and under, around the nose, lower lip, minor imperfections, or marks. Let it self-set before moving on.
Step 10
Now, we are adding some dimension to the ethereal make-up look. Mix Сенки за очи гланц (pearl candy G) with Руж 2.5 гр (R 19), then sweep with a big fluffy powder brush from the highest point of the cheekbones to the temples and outer corner of the eye. Work it in circular motions, blending outwards to softly blush and diffuse for a soft transition.
Step 11
Blush. Blush. Blush. Use Сенки за очи мат (candy) to softly sculpt the cheeks to add more definition to the cheekbones. Sweep the product with the Blue Master Contoured Blusher Brush under the cheekbones and temples.
Step 12
To make the eye make-up stand out even more, coat both top and lower lashes with the Supreme Volume Спирала (black) for a triple black Mascara effect.
Step 13
The brows are not a focus in this look but still need to be tidy and clean-looking. Lift and groom the brows using Гел за оформяне на вежди in Clear. Comp the gel through the brows moving upwards for a fluffy brushed-up effect.
Step 14
Next up are the lips. We start with outlining the lips. Define the lips using Faceliner Молив in the shade 24 all over the lip line. Draw the natural lip shape.
Step 15
Use LF 404 mixed with LC 240 from Червило в кръгла палитра (A) for a soft neutral peach pout. Start applying in the center of the lips and blend outwards to meet the lip line. Diffuse both together until there is no visible line. It will balance with the cold purple-lavender tones used on the eyes and cheeks with her warm yellow undertones.
Step 16
The following two steps are the finishing touches to finalize this ethereal make-up. For this, mix Blush Peach and Pale Tan from the Glamour Glow палитра 8 цвята Bridal and buff them on the high points of the cheeks, temples, and above the brow for an extra soft glow. Use a medium fluffy powder brush for a moderate dew on the look.
Step 17
Finally, press Glamour Sparks in Golden with the Blue Master Eye Shadow Contour Brush Large onto the inner corners of the eyes and brow bone to further highlight those areas.

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