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Faun 2

The face should be free of any products. To remove oils or impurities from the skin, use the Clean & Care Natural Micellar Water 120 ml.
Step 1
Apply the horns to the forehead and ears on top of the real ears; to do so, use Pros-Aide - Оригиналът - 50 мл. Leave the product on the pieces for 1-2 minutes before pressing the prosthetics on with your hands.
Step 2
Blend the edges of the horns with Течен латекс безцветен 100 мл . The product helps to create injured skin. Speed up the drying process with the help of a hair dryer or hand fan. Sealer provides a protective layer for the horns.
Step 3
Now, blend the ears with Liquid Latex; use a Гъба за грим ъглова.
Step 4
Activate a tone from the Body Illustration Make-up Color - палитра 18 цвята (Flesh) with BIC Activator. The product ensures that the colors appear slightly translucent. This will then be smudge-proof and waterproof. Apply the color(s) so that the horns and ears blend naturally into the skin.
Step 5
In this step, mix one or several shades similar to the skin tone of Supracolor 8 мл and apply them to the entire face and neck. Apply the product with a part of a Make-up Sponge.
Step 6
To emphasize the cheekbones, use the corresponding shades of the Coloring Vision палитра 18 цвята (Stage) Apply the colors in such a way that a lot of depth is created.
Step 7
Now activate 082 and 545 from the Body Illustration Make-up Color - палитра 18 цвята (Flesh) with BIC Activator and dab them alternately with the previously selected skin colors onto the forehead. This is to create spots and veins.
Step 8
The area around the horns and at the hairline is emphasized a bit more intensively so that the make-up looks more three-dimensional. Use shades 982 and 545 for this.
Step 9
Powder the make-up with Транспарентна пудра 60 гр (TL 1) to fix the result.
Step 10
Now tone down the veining a bit by blending the colors on the forehead with Blue Master Precision Blending Brush.
Step 11
Activate the color Henna of the Body Illustration Make-up Color - палитра 18 цвята (FX) colors with BIC Activator and apply it to the horns. Blend the color with a Make-up Sponge corner.
Step 12
Now glue Цяла брада and the mustache Мустаци onto the face using HD Pro Gum 200 мл. The glue can easily be applied to the tulle (the base of the beard). Wait a bit for it to dry slightly, and then apply the beards to the skin.
Step 13
Finally, add lines and contours to the face using shading colors from Сенки за очи палитра 18 цвята (V 2).

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