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Halloween - Servant 2

Skin Prep
First, the skin is cleansed with Natural Micellar Water 120 ml and prepared for make-up. This is important before applying prosthetics, as oils and cream residues on the skin surface can impair the stability of the adhesive to be used. The cleansed skin is then rinsed with water.
Creating the Eye Make-up
HD крем очна линия (ebony) creates definition along the lower and upper lash lines, the waterline, and on the lashes. Bruise Cream (gore) then provides texture, while Supreme Blood External 15 ml (dark) is dabbed on for a wet look and blood pearl effect.
Embellishments are applied to add more detail to the areas that have been made up so far. Now glue a mixture of different sizes of Камъни украшения за тяло (red) with Hydro Spirit Gum 12 мл onto the color already applied. Apply these sporadically, one at a time, and in small, clustered groups.
Prosthetic Application
Before attaching the prefabricated prosthetics, a thin layer of Silicone Adhesive NEO Regular Bond 50 ml is applied. The parts are pressed firmly into place on both the forehead and the lower jaw, and the edges are worked into the skin with Ацетон 1000 мл. Once a smooth edge is achieved, the color can be applied.
Body Pieces and Coloring
Further prefabricated prosthetics are applied to the chest in the same process as the facial parts. These are then colored with suitable colors from the Body Illustration Make-up Color палитра 18 цвята (Flesh) and BIC Activator. Dab away any undesired shine with Perfect Matt.
In the center of the prosthetics, red and violet shades are added to create the impression of open wounds. Use the Body Illustration Make-up Color палитра 18 цвята (FX) for this.
Finally, make up the prosthetics with different colors of the Dermacolor Camouflage Creme мини палитра 16 цвята (Medium) so that they blend naturally into the skin. Use the Dual Finish палитра 6 цвята (Contouring) to set the Dermacolor colors and create a soft definition.
Wound Embellishment
The wounds are embellished just like the previous ones with the same mixture of Камъни украшения за тяло (red), which are glued on with Hydro Spirit Gum 12 мл .
Creating the Lip Make-up
Make up the lip details with Supracolor 8 мл (079) and Supracolor 8 мл (080). 079 goes on the lips to create slight transparency and extend the color beyond the natural edge of the lip line. Shade 080 is then sporadically dabbed into the center of the mouth to add dimension.
Blood Effects
A fine amount of Hydro Spirit Gum 12 мл is now brushed into each wound. To add further detail and reflection, apply a mixture of (Polyester Glimmer среден (bright red) & Coarse) & Polyester Glimmer едър (bright red) with True Nature Glitter (red) onto the wounds.
Камъни украшения за тяло (red) to the lips using Hydro Spirit Gum 12 мл . Then add Fresh Scratch 15 мл (dark) on parts of the wounds before layering Supreme Blood External 15 ml (dark) in between to create the dripping effects. Кръв HD гел (light arterial) & Кръв HD гел (dark venous) is then layered over the effects to create a contrasting texture.
Now apply Shimmering Event Foundation (gold) lightly over the body to create a soft shimmer. Finally, Digital Complexion Finish removes unwanted shine.

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