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Halloween Ghost

Стъпка 1Brush the eyebrow hair upwards with a Disposable Mascara Brushes so the hair lie as flat as possible. Take a clean disposable mascara wand and load it with Hydro Spirit Gum 12 мл . Begin to roll the brush through the eyebrow hair until they became tacky; at this stage, begin to add pressure to the application in order for the eyebrow hair to lay flat to the skin. Next, decant a small amount of Пластик за вежди with a Шпатула за смесване на грим and warm the product on a Плочка за смесване на грим. Load the spatula with the Eyebrow Plastic and begin to blend and sweep over the eyebrows to achieve a smooth surface that disguises the eyebrow hair and texture.
Стъпка 2Supracolor 8 мл (070) is blended in as the base tone for the complexion color. Apply this all over the eyebrows, eyelids, ears, and neck. Highlight the face with Supracolor Interferenz 8 мл (silver G) to enhance the bone structure. Apply to the center of the forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and chin. To add more shine to the highlighted areas, mix Pure Pigments Metallic (pure silver), and Glamour Sparks (silver) together, then with a fluffy brush, gently sweep over the top. Contour with Сенки за очи мат (smile) and Сенки за очи мат (hot pink). This is applied to the face to add definition and enhance the highlight. There should be strong depths of contour and soft hues. Set the rest of the base with Сенки за очи мат (white).
Стъпка 3Apply Supracolor 8 мл (R 21) towards the inner corner of the eye under the brow bone, set with Сенки за очи мат (hot pink). Diffuse the edges with Сенки за очи мат (smile) and connect to the nose contouring. Add contour to the eye socket with Supracolor 8 мл (R 21) and the set with Сенки за очи мат (flamingo), diffusing the edges with Сенки за очи мат (smile). Continue with Smile along the lower lash line. In the center of the eye, press in Eye Shadow Matt in White. Add a small amount of Supracolor Interferenz 8 мл (silver G) to the inner corner, set by layering Glamour Sparks (silver). Line the bottom waterline with HD крем очна линия (snow) and finish with layering the same product as mascara.
Стъпка 4For the detailing, HD крем очна линия (snow) is applied with a fine liner brush; paint a fine line from the top of the forehead through to the center of the eye down towards the corner of the mouth. The line should vary in thickness and sculpture the face. Repeat the line on both sides. On top of this line, apply a thin line of Hydro Spirit Gum 12 мл , allow for it to go tacky before adhering Polyester Glimmer среден (pearl lilac) and Polyester Glimmer среден (pearl green) on top. For embellishment, adhere Перли украшения за тяло in clusters of three to the edges of the eye and along the linework.
Стъпка 5Complete the look by lightly brushing Сенки за очи мат (hot pink) and Сенки за очи мат (smile) over the lips. Apply Сенки за очи мат (SA 131) to the center and Supracolor 8 мл (070) to the outer edges. Highlight the cupid's bow with HD Living Color (silver).

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