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Halloween Ailen 2

Стъпка 1Prep the skin with Овлажняващ крем Dermacolor for hydration. To achieve the porcelain base tone of the Alien, Supracolor 8 мл (482) is mixed with Supracolor 8 мл (03) and blended evenly over the face, ears, hands, and neck. Using the Unicorn Perfecter Sponge, this extra-terrestrial skin tone is then stippled over the bald cap.
Стъпка 2To add definition to the bone structure, Supracolor 8 мл (R 21) is mixed with a touch of Shimmering Event Foundation (pearl). This is then blended into the base color as a subtle contour underneath the cheekbones, into the temples of the forehead, and softly down the sides of the nose. Glamour Glow (icy blush) is then buffed into the high points of the face as a subtle highlight.
Стъпка 3HD крем очна линия (aqua) is then applied all over the eyelid and blended out from the socket line up to meet the tail of the brow and into the inner corner up to the bridge of the nose; this elongates the impression of the eye. Apply the same HD Cream Liner under the lash line and blend. Once set, High Gloss (crystal rose) is brushed on top of the eyelids for a high-shine effect.
Стъпка 4A layer of HD крем очна линия (lapis lazuli) is applied to the bottom water line in each eye. A sharp, crisp lip line with a rounded cupid's bow is achieved with a blend of HD крем очна линия (lapis lazuli) and HD крем очна линия (aqua) for the lips. Once set, High Gloss (crystal rose) is then layered over the top for a high-shine effect.
Стъпка 5Individual eyelashes are selected for the bottom lash line. On the model’s right eye, these are applied directly using Лепило за мигли Pro 4 гр. For the left eye, the Individual eyelashes are first painted using Aquacolor UV-Dayglow 8 мл (UV yellow) before being applied in the same way. The top lashes are then coated using a Disposable Mascara Brushes loaded with HD крем очна линия (lapis lazuli).

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