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Halloween Ailen 1

Стъпка 1Ultra Foundation (ivory) and Ultra Foundation (TV white) are mixed with Shimmering Event Foundation (pearl) and applied to the entire face and bald cap. This is followed by Сатенирана пудра (SP 554), which is swept over the surface of the base. Contour is created with Supracolor 8 мл (R 21) mixed with Supracolor 8 мл (03), intensified by Glamour Glow (icy blush) as a glossy highlight. Сенки за очи мат (081) is then applied to the apples of the cheeks as blush. Supracolor 8 мл (TK 2) is blended in to intensify under the contour with Сенки за очи мат (caribbean) pressed on top to set it.
Стъпка 2The inner and outer corners of the eyes are accented with Supracolor 8 мл (TK 2), which is then set with a blend of Сенки за очи мат (caribbean) and Сенки за очи мат (081). HD крем очна линия (ebony) is being applied to the mobile lid, swept out, and placed in the bottom waterline.
Стъпка 3Under the eyes, Aquacolor UV-Dayglow 8 мл (UV yellow) and Pure Pigments (pure love) and Pure Pigments (pure courage) are seamlessly blended in succession, creating a bright haze. Orange eyeshadow from the Сенки за очи палитра 18 цвята (V 2) is blended onto the left side of the chin and right into the inner corner of the nose. Using all of these colors, both pressed and loose pigments, the bald cap is colored using a stippling technique with a soft brush, building up a mottled texture.
Стъпка 4Камъни украшения за тяло (crystal) and Перли украшения за тяло are carefully placed over the bald cap and inner corner of the eyes using Лепило за мигли Pro 4 гр to hold them in place. Очна линия (white) is then used on the outer corner of the left eye and the inner corner of the right eye, creating delicate, graphic detailing.
Стъпка 5HD крем очна линия (dark orchid) and HD крем очна линия (snow) are painted on to individual lashes and applied using Лепило за мигли Pro 4 гр for a full lash effect. On the lips, AB13 from the Сенки за очи палитра 18 цвята (V 2) palette is blended onto the cupid's bow. The graphic detailing using Очна линия (white) is then mirrored onto the bottom outer corner of the lips. Finally, High Gloss (crystal rose) is generously layered over the lips and eyelids for a high shine finish.

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