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Sunscreen and Make-up - Everything you Should Know

Let’s talk about sun protection and make-up. The sun can be both: our dearest friend when it comes to getting a beautiful tan or essential Vitamin D for our body, but it can also become our biggest enemy.
As one of the top factors for premature aging, we usually try not to spend too much time in the sun. But especially when it comes to outdoor activities, long walks on a Sunday afternoon, or a vacation in warm latitudes, we somehow can’t avoid being exposed to her. Especially make-up enthusiasts who don’t want to miss wearing their favorite foundation on a sunny day often have concerns about how sun protection and make-up go along with one another. We explain to you how to use both sunscreen and make-up.

Sunscreen under make-up or over make-up

Make-up having SPF (Sun Protection Factor) works exactly like sunscreen with the same factor. They prolong the safe exposure to direct sunlight. Still, most beauty products offer a relatively low number which means that the protection is often too little to give full protection.

Using skin protection with at least SPF 30-50 as additional protection underneath make-up is therefore always advisable. Sunscreen is still effective under make-up and should be applied before anything else – you can even skip your primer. Try to use water-based creams instead of sun blockers that contain oils, as this will affect the stability of your make-up. Digital Complexion Fluid Foundation and Ultra Fluid Foundation 30 мл are some of the best foundations to be applied on top of your skin protection as they are sheer coverage and self-setting. Providing it’s not a very oily sun blocker, they allow a seamless application.

Another good option is to use a spray-on sunscreen over your finished make-up instead of first applying a lotion and afterward foundation. Even though this can leave a glow on your face, it’s a good way for reapplying suntan protection throughout the whole day. For fully effective sun protection, this will be the best option for you.

Sun protection, make-up, and cameras

Using sunscreen and make-up during professional photo shootings can often cause problems. Sunscreen usually contains reflective ingredients, which can result in white spots on the photos. That’s why it’s always advisable to either avoid products with SPF on set or use make-up which already contains integrated, low sun protection like the Shimmering Event Фон дьо тен. The best advice is to stay out of the sun whenever you can during a shoot.