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How to Beach: Glow Make-up –
Look like you have spent the day at the beach

Especially during summer times, we wish our skin to look like we have spent days at the beach, wanting that summer glow. But as not everyone is blessed to live next to the seaside or go on summer vacation every year, a beach glow can also be achieved by simply using make-up.
Then the difficulty mostly lies in attaining a natural-looking beach glow without people noticing that make-up was used. Our make-up artist Paul Merchant explains to you how you can get a natural shimmering tan in a few steps.

Natural Glowy Make-up Tutorial by Paul Merchant

Creating the Base
Looking after the skin in the summer months is essential, so a good skincare routine is vital. The Clean & Care range is the perfect choice for keeping the skin healthy and glowing during the summer season. Combine the Clean & Care Natural Micellar Water 500 ml and either the Clean & Care Natural Cleansing Oil 250 ml or the Clean & Care Natural Cleansing Lotion 500 ml into your daily routine. Hydration is essential to create that gorgeous beach glow look. Ultra Underbase provides the perfect concentration to prep your skin before applying make-up. Massage the creamy formula in circular motions over the face concentrating on the drier areas. Following this, a light base should be used. Apply Digital Complexion Коректор to neutralize and balance the skin tone in the areas required. Next, buff in Tinted Moisturizer in your complementary skin tone for lightweight, sheer coverage.

Adding the Glow
To add a healthy flush of warmth and color to the cheeks, sweep a light layer of Glamour Glow (juicy moon) over the apples, sweeping back along the cheekbone, with the Blue Master Precision Powder Brush. Also, apply a little of this luminizing powder across the bridge of your nose and chin for a radiant sun-kissed glow. This versatile color looks great on all skin tones for a hint of summer freshness.

Select a Shimmering Event Фон дьо тен in a tone suitable for your complexion; using the Blue Master Complexion Blending Brush Large, buff the luminizing liquid onto the tops of the cheek and brow bones. This stunning highlighter gleams naturally, creating a flawless, healthy impression. The Shimmering Event Foundation can also be used on the body to give you that summer glow. Concentrate the fluid on the high point of the bone structure, along with the collar bones, and down the center of the legs for radiant-looking skin.

Completing the Look
Sweep Glamour Glow (bronzing sun) across the eyelids and add a light layer of Lash Innovation Mascara to the curled lashes. To complete this simple and effective summer vibe, coat the lips in High Gloss-Гланц (crystal rose).