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Set. Fix. Blot.

When it comes to powder it can get confusing to know what to use and when. There are so many variants when selecting which powder is suitable. We want to break them down for you and explain all the options and their particular unique functions.

Let’s categorize.

Loose Powders

Translucent Powder
Translucent Powder was developed with a large amount of modified rice starch. The ingredients have been specifically designed to ensure optimal absorption qualities which increase the durability on a high-performance level, therefore making it suitable for full coverage foundations or those containing a high amount of oils. It’s the perfect setting powder for professional use in theater or performance art like drag, but equally as effective for everyday full coverage make-ups. Translucent Powder has a matt finish and is incredibly long lasting. The powder comes in translucent as well as a variety of tinted options in order to warm or cool the foundations slightly where necessary. Apply Translucent Powder with a powder puff and remove the excess with a powder brush followed by a buffing brush to polish.

Dermacolor Fixing Powder
Dermacolor Fixing Powder has been created to work in synergy with Dermacolor Camouflage Creme, but it can also be used in conjunction with other full coverage foundations. Its unique formula is designed to set and mattify as well as to seal it, rendering Dermacolor Camouflage Creme waterproof, for an advanced level of foundation setting. With other foundations it will definitely increase the waterproof potential, but not necessarily achieve an equal effect. When approaching this technique with the Dermacolor Camouflage System, it’s advisable to use a powder puff and roll the fixing powder into the base. Leave the powder residue on the skin for up to 15 minutes in order to experience the full extent of its waterproof capabilities. Then dust off the excess powder with a powder brush. The Dermacolor Fixing Spray can then be applied to bring back a natural shine and increase durability.

Pressed Powders

Dual Finish
Dual Finish is a stunningly soft, micronized pressed powder foundation, that is buildable from sheer to full coverage effects on its own. It can be applied dry or wet. Ideal for contouring and highlights as well as to increase the opacity of other foundations. It’s also effective at setting sheer to medium coverage fluid and cream foundations. Apply with the sponge included or a powder brush to the desired area.

Ultra Cream Powder
Ultra Cream Powder is a natural, gentle foundation. This velvety, silky-soft finish foundation appears like a cream finish due to its Mica mineral content which creates a soft glow to the complexion. The innovative, micronized formula has a hydrophobic effect. The ingredients actually repel water ensuring lasting durability on the skin. In addition to skin tones, Ultra Cream Powder is also available in translucent and works as a great finishing powder on top of other foundations. It is also incredibly effective in setting cream and liquid foundations of a sheer to medium consistency.

Dermacolor Light Translucent Compact Event
Dermacolor Light Translucent Compact Event is a compact powder with tiny, elegantly shimmering reflections. This powder provides a satin finish to the skin by its light reflecting ingredient Mica, a natural mineral. It can be used alone, directly onto the skin, or it can be used to effectively set sheer to medium coverage foundations.


Blot Powder
Blot Powder is a pressed compact powder that reduces, and controls shine on the skin. It is not designed to set foundations, but to be used after the foundation has been set. Blot Powder may be reapplied as often as required with a powder brush. The product does not affect the foundation underneath as it does not add any color or texture. Blot Powder was specifically developed as a retouch.

Anti-Shine Powder
Anti-Shine Powder is a special matt powder that prevents unwanted dull or chalky effects and creates a pleasant, lightweight feeling on the skin. Anti-Shine Powder is colorless and is especially effective for mattifying cream and fluid foundations. It can be used to effectively set medium to full coverage foundations but is also designed as a touch-up powder for excessively oily skin types or in environments of high humidity or heat.

What else is there about powders?

There are a few things that are important to consider when selecting the correct finishing powder.

To ensure that you achieve the desired results the powder needs to be compatible with the foundation you have applied. Powders have certain functions and performance qualities that complement particular bases. For example, full coverage foundation or those that contain a lot of oil require a powder that has a high concentration of talc or rice starch, this helps to lock in the oils and prevent unwanted shine or movement of the foundation. Sheer coverage foundations in comparison could appear too dry or even separate if a powder with such high concentration was used in conjunction. As there are less oils the powder could dehydrate the application by absorbing too much of its ingredients. So, let’s simplify it by explaining what ones are most compatible.

The next thing to consider is the finish. Most setting powders have a matt appearance to them and will require additional products such as Glamour Glow to bring back shine into the base if desired. Ultra Cream Powder and Dual Finish have more of a cream effect finish, which gives a more satin appearance to the base. Then there’s Dermacolor Light Translucent Compact Event which is infused with Mica pigments, providing a reflective finish for a more luminous effect on the skin.

Is it always necessary to powder?

A common question is always about the need for powder. It’s important to remember that everything we apply to the face will have an effect in some way.

Powders definitely increase the durability of foundations, especially in environments that experience high humidity or extreme temperatures.

Likewise, when considering finish, if you want a matt finish then powder will be needed to achieve this with most foundations.

However, there are some circumstances when it isn’t necessary. If you’re in a mild climate and have a balanced, dry or combination skin type some foundations will be perfectly fine without powder. There are of course self-setting foundations as well that do not always require powder either. In our range they come in the form of HD Micro Foundation Mattifying Liquid, HD Micro Foundation Smoothing Fluid and in the airbrush series Nebula and HD Micro Foundation On Air. Then there is preference, in some cases like photo shoots for example, you may wish to have a dewy or glossy effect to the skin and therefore powder can be used to control certain areas of shine, rather than mattify the entire face.

When it comes to powders you should always ask yourself the questions
‘What do I want to achieve?’