Pro Tips

Dermacolor D31 + D32

The classical use

There are many multifunctional products within our range. Two particular icons are from the Dermacolor Camouflage collection. Dermacolor Camouflage Creme D31 and D32 are shades predominantly used for color correction, they are crucial in achieving the impression of realistic skin during the cosmetic camouflage process. Corrector colors in make-up are designed to replace the absence of tones that should appear ‘naturally’ in the skin. When used correctly they can effectively balance the appearance of discolorations, whether that be an absence of pigment, such as the case in conditions like Vitiligo, or some scarred tissues, or hyperpigmentation like melasma or simply dark circles under the eyes.

D31 is a burnt orange and represents the color of deep melanin, which is present in all skin tones, across all ethnicities. Melanin is a skin pigment which controls the depth of color in our complexions, the more melanin the darker the visual appearance of the skin, eyes and hair. Which is why people with darker skin tones tend to have dark hair and eyes and those with fairer skin, lighter colored eyes and hair.

D32 is a salmon pink tone which helps to represent the appearance of blood in our complexions, it can also effectively help to correct discolorations of the complexion. D32 typically works better when used as a corrector on fairer skin tones as they contain less melanin and usually have a more pinkish undertone, while D31 is more effective at correcting those with a rich or dark skin tone to help balance the level of melanin. The Dermacolor Camouflage Creme is effective in managing to conceal these type of skin discolorations due to the level of pigment that is concentrated into the unique formula. Dermacolor has an average of 40-50% pigment which is at the top end for full coverage foundations, this is necessary for achieving an effective and long-lasting camouflage make-up.

Multifunctional Alternative

These unique colors are not only utilized for cosmetic camouflage but can actually help in achieving beautiful effects in beauty, fashion, theater and SFX make-ups, too. Most recently D31 and D32 have been used in our latest Spring Summer 2020 make-up trend looks, ‘Beach Break’, as a stunning cream blusher. Fresh cheeks on naturally naked skin is significant in embracing the beach culture which represents the key elements of this season’s trends. Contour is out and color is back with a purpose. Bountifully applied pigment in deep salmon tones, such as D32 or super charged coral hues, similar to the tones in D31, focus primarily on the apple of the cheeks and are swept back with a brush along the cheekbone in a blend reminiscent of sunset over the ocean. The key to delivering this warm flush of rouge is keep it matt! Which is why the Dermacolor Camouflage Creme was a perfect choice. The complex formula, including pigments and waxes have a matt finish. Equal amounts of D31 and D32 were blended together to create the perfect hue for the predicting trend colors, liberally applied in a relaxed fashion, creating a sun kissed complexion, celebrating the joyous haze of summer days and paying homage to a culture that represented free spirited style.

Just a few ways of how these two colors achieve multiple effects in make-up.