Earthed Satellite

An urgent and deep rooted need to connect with nature grounds us in the coming trends for Fall/Winter 2017/18. Intense colors are inspired by the golden hours of dusk and dawn. Internal instinct is sharp and statements are bold and honest.

Lounge wear is teamed with the vintage style of grandad shirt and clean silhouettes. Earth tones and natural luxe fabrics like wool and silk are key elements. A tech-free and self-reliant vibe sees curly and wild hair, with the appearance of soft clouds.

On the skin we spy the warmth and vibrancy of the sun. An inner glow is used to contour the cheeks once teamed with deeper rich tones. The eyes are dramatic and with an intense smolder. Deep purples and metallic berry-like-tones encircle the entire eye, while lips are full and precise. A mixture of the raw with the defined, displaying unashamed feral charm with sophisticated quality.

Step 1

Hydrating База за грим Ultra Underbase is applied before Ultra Foundation for flawless but natural coverage. The base and shape of the eye make-up is first defined using HD крем очна линия (dark orchid), this is applied over the eyelid and under the bottom lash line. To set this, Сенки за очи гланц (fairy tale G) is pressed in. Hints of Сенки за очи гланц (magenta G), Сенки за очи гланц (M 23 G) & ‘W25 G’ are swept of the eyelid creating depth and unique vibrancy.

Step 2

Сенки за очи гланц (lilac G) is dabbed into the inner corners of the eye creating a harmonious highlight in complementing shades. Сенки за очи мат (M 20) is then blended into the socket line and smoked out to the outer corners of the eye. It is also applied underneath the bottom lash line adding definition. Сатенирана пудра (SP 884) is buffed into the center of the eyelids to give a lustrous reflection.

Step 3

Shimmering Event Foundation (gold) is buffed into the high contours of the face, including the top of the cheekbones, chin, bridge of the nose, eyebrow bone and cupid’s bow. From the Viva Brilliant Color (gold) is softly blended into the Shimmering Event Foundation, setting the fluid and adding an intense vibrancy to these areas of the face, creating the impression of a glow from within the skin.

Step 4

Eyelashes in Individual Cluster ‘Small’ and ‘Medium’ are adhered with Лепило за мигли Pro 4 гр (neutral) creating definition to the corners of the eye. The ‘Medium’ eyelashes are concentrated in the outer corner while the ‘Small’ ones taper into the center of the lash line. HD крем очна линия (ebony) is applied into the top and bottom water line encircling the eye and adding dramatic definition. Компактна пудра за вежди (dark) fills and elongates the brows.

Step 5

To define the shape, Faceliner (30) is used to line the lips and is then blended over the entire surface to create a durable base for the lip color. Dermacolor Червило Dermacolor Light (DL 15) is applied over the entire lip in a dense application. Червило Dermacolor Light (DL 8) is then layered from the corners of the lip and blended towards the center, creating an ombré effect.

Make-up Artist: Kryolan Pro Team | Photographer: Jayesh Pankhania | Hair: SDB Hair Team | Styling: Joey Bevan


В Kryolan произвеждаме професионален грим. Но не като всички други. Защото за разлика от всички останали, ние сами създаваме нашите гримове. Ние ги правим повече от 75 years и от три поколения. Ние ги измисляме. Ние ги произвеждаме. Ние ги формулираме и създаваме. Има само един истински производител на професионален грим. Kryolan е само един.