• Стъпка 1
    The skin is prepared with База за грим Ultra Underbase , concealed with Фон дьо тен Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 4 гр mixed with Make-up Blend 30 мл & perfected with luminous HD Micro крем фон дьо тен 8,5 гр. To achieve a flat brow, Hydro Spirit Gum 12 мл is brushed through the hair and flattened. Viva Brilliant Color (dragon fruit) is buffed into the temples and cheekbones before adding touches of Руж 2.5 гр (R 9) into the outer corners of the eye and Сенки за очи мат (SA 75) to the apples.
  • Стъпка 2
    From the Shimmering Vision Palette PV is blended onto the eyelid and under the bottom lashes. From the same palette, 099G is buffed into the socket line. Viva Brilliant Color (dragon fruit) is applied over PV. Viva Brilliant Color (cassis) is worked into the socket line and outer corner. A medley of colors from the Сенки за очи палитра 18 цвята (V 2) is added including AB6, RB36, AQUA, PLUM and S8. These are used to create depth in the socket line and achieve rich fusion of tones.
  • Стъпка 3
    Supracolor металик 8 мл (copper) is stippled over the brow and blended out with fingers, then applied into the inner corner of the eyes. Using colors from the Shimmering Vision Palette, first BG, a flash of color is added just above the edge of the lash line and set with Сенки за очи мат (apple), then Сенки за очи гланц (silver G) is added to the center of the eyelid and Pure Pigments (pure happiness) is patted on.
  • Стъпка 4
    HD крем очна линия (sky blue) is applied to the bottom waterline. Очна линия (blue) lines the top lash line and is extended outwards. It is then applied with an eye shadow brush in uneven dab into the socket line. Long Lash Mascara in ‘Black’ is applied to the top and bottom lashes. Illusion (satin) and Illusion (cashmere) are mixed and placed into the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Стъпка 5
    Various Multi Gel 50 мл in Fine including Pearl White, Pear Lilac and Silver are blended onto the forehead up to the hairline. Polyester Glimmer фин, Polyester Glimmer среден and Multi Gel блестящ 10 мл, едър in a variety of shades including Pearl White, Pastel Blue, Pearl Lilac, Pearl Blue and Pearl Green are then stippled on top. Glamour Sparks (silver sparks) is dusted over the top adding high-reflection. The lips are defined with nude Faceliner (35) and Lip Stain (latin).
  • Paul James Merchant


      pure happiness
    В Kryolan произвеждаме професионален грим. Но не като всички други. Защото за разлика от всички останали, ние сами създаваме нашите гримове. Ние ги правим повече от 75 years и от три поколения. Ние ги измисляме. Ние ги произвеждаме. Ние ги формулираме и създаваме. Има само един истински производител на професионален грим. Kryolan е само един.