Работни срещи

Krampus Demon Character Make-up


This winter season, Kryolan introduces a unique holiday make-up workshop with a dark and frightening twist.

Central European folklore tells us that at Christmas time, well-behaved children are rewarded with a visit from St. Nicolas. And the bad children? They receive a visit from Krampus--a hideous horned demon who punishes the misbehaved, often dragging them to hell.

Bring your very own Krampus creation to life in this fun 4-hour make-up workshop. Learn, character make-up techniques using products such Aquacolor and Supracolor, ear and horn prosthetics, and more!

Experience level: beginning to intermediate


All make-up and tools are provided for in-class use.

Attendees receive 30% off featured products when shopping in our retail store.

KRYOLAN PRO CARD MEMBERS: To receive your pro discount, please email education@kryolan.com and provide your full name and Pro Card member number.

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