The Wedding season is a busy time of year for a make-up artist and a beautiful day to be a part of.  Learn how to achieve the best make-up for all your brides to ensure they are wearing the perfect smile on their wedding day. The workshop will begin on analysis of the face, from skin tones to face shape. All skin ethnicity will be covered, including skin for all age groups from young to mature. The Kryolan educator will go through face shapes and how to achieve the art of highlight and contour. Skin is the key and foundation to the start of your Bridal make-up. Learn the business of wedding make-up, from the booking process and time management. Have the understanding of how natural make-up is achieved, for long lasting effects, working with natural daylight and high definition cameras. Several beauty make-up styles will be demonstrated including foundation selection, corrective make up, and cheek colour application. Within your training day, soft eye make-up will be covered from eyeliner techniques, brow grooming, lash building and application of false lashes from clusters to strip. Then to finalise, the education on lip make-up will be implemented. Colour theory is an important part of all make-up. This will be taught to give you an understanding on how to recognise skin tones and undertones and how to select colours to complement eye colouring and hair. You will explore how to achieve a natural eye make-up into an evening smokey eye. 
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В Kryolan произвеждаме професионален грим. Но не като всички други. Защото за разлика от всички останали, ние сами създаваме нашите гримове. Ние го правим повече от 70 years и от три поколения. Ние го измисляме. Ние го произвеждаме. Ние го формулираме и създаваме. Има само един истински производител на професионален грим. Kryolan е само един.