03 - 04/07/2019

The beauty of working with airbrush for that flawless make-up finish is a tool every make-up artist should add to their tool belt. The airbrush skill set will accomplish so many avenues for your make-up profession and enhance your work to another level. The art form of airbrush for the beauty industry such as wedding make-up to fashion and editorial will be delivered over the 2 days. As we progress through the training, other skills will be shown to you on how you can develop your techniques to be more creative. Ideal for fantasy or avant garde make-up. This workshop is great for beginners as your Kryolan educator will guide you through the basics to begin with, from setting up the equipment, to cleaning and including the importance of implications when working with airbrush. Many make-up exercises will delivered to you from line work, base work, shapes, and colour blend to ensure you are making the most of your airbrush. An introduction into Kryolan’s newest Airbrush range Nebula; a smudge-proof, silicone, fast-drying airbrush system will be demonstrated in this hands-on workshop, showing step by step make-up looks. Once you have mastered the art of airbrush make-up you may want to progress onto the next level of airbrush and attend the Airbrush body paint workshop and have the opportunity to work on a larger canvas.
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