Как да


Cleanse the skin with Natural Micellar Water 120 ml to remove impurities and oils.
Step 1
Apply Silicone Adhesive NEO Strong Bond 100 ml to the back of the ears and horn pieces. Wait about 1-2 minutes until the piecess are fixed with a little pressure. Make sure all edges are firmly bonded in the process, and more adhesive may need to be applied to the edges.
Step 2
From the Dual Finish палитра 6 цвята (Modelling), choose the shade NB4 as the base for the Faun. The pressed powder is applied to the skin with a soft brush. The application is then buffed with a buffing brush.
Step 3
To shade the natural contours of the face, Сенки за очи мат (sudan) is placed on a small blending brush. This is applied under the cheekbones and follows the bone structure up to the chin. The sides of the nose, the inner corners of the eyes, the inner contours of the ears, and around the base of the horns are also shaded with Sudan.
Step 4
Next, use Сенки за очи мат (deep black) to define the eyes. Apply the product below the lash line, continue working upwards to above the brows, and blend towards the temples. Shade the inner corners of the eyes with Deep Black as well. Blend from there to the front of the eyebrows and, from the center, form a line that goes all the way to the horns.
Step 5
Next, use Сенки за очи мат (deep black) again to highlight the shape of the hairline. Blend with a soft brush from the center of the hairline and place a dot between the horns. Continue this shading with Deep Black down the center of the chin and up to the contours of the ears.
Step 6
Mix BIC Activator with Body Illustration Make-up Color палитра 18 цвята (Flesh) to color the horns. Use the shade Tan 5 and apply the product with a synthetic brush. Apply the color in small brush strokes to achieve a streaky tint. At the base of the horns and at the tips of the ears, dab on Tan 5 with a pointed synthetic brush. To blend the details with the natural skin, a small painter's brush is loaded with BIC Activator and mixed with Tan 5. The color is applied over the cheekbones and nose, creating freckle-like spots. Repeat this process with color 1 W from the same palette.
Step 7
1 W from the Body Illustration Make-up Color палитра 18 цвята (Flesh) is mixed with BIC Activator before the product is drawn in stripes on the horns with a pointed brush. This is to create a realistic, bone-like coloring. To make the horn applications look like they are piercing the skin, shade the surrounding edges with SM Eye Shadow Matt from the Сенки за очи палитра 18 цвята (V 2). Use this to make the skin look sore.
Step 8
Apply HD Pro Gum 200 мл to the back of the beard and mustache and wait for the glue to adhere a bit before pressing the two pieces onto the face.
Step 9
For the typical faun look, lightly tousle the hair.

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