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Digital Complexion Look 6

Стъпка 1In preparation Овлажняващ крем Dermacolor is applied in order to soften dry or textured areas. To help balance the skin, the face is prepared using the Digital Complexion Primer for Oily Skin. To correct the dark pigmentation under the eyes, Digital Complexion Neutralizer (DCN 45) is stippled on using the Blue Master Concealer Brush. To cover the red pigmentation from blemish marks and acne scarring Digital Complexion Neutralizer (DCN 41) is softly blended using the Blue Master Multi-Purpose Blender Small.
Стъпка 2To conceal the corrector colors Digital Complexion Concealer (Y 22), Digital Complexion Concealer (Y 25) and Digital Complexion Concealer (Y 26) are mixed together on the Плочка за смесване на грим and then pressed gently over the top to complement the surrounding skin tone. Digital Complexion Fluid is buffed over the remaining areas of the face in a blend of the tints Digital Complexion Fluid Foundation (Y 25) & Digital Complexion Fluid Foundation (Y 26) to perfect the complexion. The Blue Master Dual-Fiber Blending Brush Large is worked in a circular motion over the entire face to flawlessly blend the product into the skin.
Стъпка 3To accentuate the high points of the face, Digital Complexion Fluid Foundation (Y 22) is applied to the top of the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose, chin and brow bones as a highlight. This is worked into the skin using the Blue Master Eye Shadow Blender Brush. Next Digital Complexion Fluid Foundation (D 32) is selected to softly sculpt the face with subtle shadings acting as an effective contour. Червило Sheer (eva) is selected to add a hint of color to the lips. Finally, Digital Complexion Finish is lightly swept over areas that require shine control.

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