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Digital Complexion Look 3

Стъпка 1As part of the preparation Овлажняващ крем Dermacolor is massaged into the face. For further hydration, and to help smooth the surface, Digital Complexion Primer for Dry Skin is applied in a fine layer using the Blue Master Foundation Brush Small. To correct dark pigmentation under the eyes, and to soften redness in the corners of the nose, Digital Complexion Concealer (Y 25) is blended over the areas to balance the skin tone. This is then buffed with the Blue Master Multi-Purpose Blender Small before being left to set.
Стъпка 2Digital Complexion Cream is matched to the skin tone in Digital Complexion Cream Foundation (O 14). To achieve a naturally sheer coverage the foundation is applied with the Blue Master Foundation Brush Large and then soften with the Blue Master Skin Perfecter Brush Large. For contour, Digital Complexion Cream Foundation (D 33) is buffed in under the cheekbones, to the temples and along to jaw line. The Blue Master Complexion Blending Brush Large helps to buff the cream into the base for a natural finish.
Стъпка 3To accentuate the natural dimensions of the face, highlight is applied using Digital Complexion Cream Foundation (Y 24). This is blended onto the top of the cheekbones, chin and forehead. Blue Master Multi-Purpose Blender Large enable effortless precision when it comes to blending highlight naturally. Червило Sheer (anne) is pressed into the lips for a hint of natural color and HD крем очна линия (ebony) is brushed through the lashes as mascara. Finally, to set the base, Digital Complexion Finish is polished onto the skin using the Blue Master Precision Powder Brush.

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