Как да


Стъпка 1The eyes are first prepped with База за сенки for increased durability. As a base to intensify color payoff, and provide a flexible foundation, HD крем очна линия (snow) is applied in a fine layer to the eye lids and then buffed in up to the socket line. The HD крем очна линия (snow) is then carefully lined underneath the bottom lash line and diffused with a blending brush achieving a soft fade.
Стъпка 2From the Сенки за очи палитра 18 цвята (V 2) - ‘H21’, ‘AB70’, ‘Caribbean’ and ‘Turquoise’ are buffed into the HD крем очна линия (snow). The colors are combined in order to create the impact of the Lime tones predicted in the trend. The Eye Shadow Matts are blended from the lash line up to the socket line and diffused at the socket line. The bespoke shade is the blended in along the bottom lash line.
Стъпка 3To complete the look Lemon from the Сенки за очи палитра 18 цвята (V 2) is applied to the inner and outer corners of the eyes. The Eye Shadow Matt is stippled on in a random fashion to showcase the implied direction of the trend. The color is layered several times in order to achieve a dense and rich application to represent the Lemon tones predicted. The two colors clash in a fun and energetic way.

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