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Bold Metallics

Mystic & Majestic
Mystic violet and cool grey majestically enhance the mood with this look. HD крем очна линия (state grey) defines the base and shape on the eyelid while HD крем очна линия (dark orchid) is softly blended into the socket and bottom lash line. Pure Pigments Metallic (pure magenta) is carefully pressed on top creating a foiled surround to the matt eyelid. Bursts of highlight are combined by buffing in Illusion (chiffon), topped with touches of Pure Pigments Metallic (pure platinum).
Pure Gold
This season luminosity is key. Hence, the skin is highlighted and enriched with the impression of a liquid bronze. Shimmering Event Foundation (gold) is mixed with Фон дьо тен Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 4 гр creating an inner radiance. To intensify the featured highlights Pure Pigments Metallic (pure gold) are gently pressed into a layer of Copper from the Shimmering Vision палитра 18 цвята (Standard), enhancing the warmth of the metallic impression. This results in a creamy, flawlessly perfect skin. To finalize the metallic detail Pure Pigments Metallic (pure gold) is added to strengthen the Cupid’s bow.
Orange Accents
Futuristic styles decorate the eyes in this modish season. Atomic cerise pinks cut in under the bottom lash line and frame the contours of the eyes. This is represented by a wash of shades from the Сенки за очи мат range. Pure Pigments Metallic (pure orange) is blended to a creamy consistency with Mixing Medium and applied freely over the eyelids, showcasing individuality. Blusher complements the radiant skin in matt warm browns from the Сенки за очи палитра 18 цвята (V 6).
Dashes of silver on eyes...
A clash of vibrant colors outline an exaggerated graphic liner. Pure Pigments Metallic (pure silver) is activated with Mixing Medium and then meticulously drawn over the blended application of this season’s trend colors. For precision a firm square synthetic brush is advisable. Before the consistency dries some more of the Pure Pigments Metallic (pure silver) is pressed into the surface for added density. This futuristic combination is designed in unconventional ways paying homage to the emerging trends.
...and lips
Lilac opal with hints of metallic highlight are key this season. Pure Pigments Metallic is used subtly, suggesting a futuristic feel to a modern look. The lips are firstly coated with HD крем очна линия (dark orchid). HD Living Color (marble) and HD Living Color (ruby) are then layered to give a two-tone effect. The defining element, once more the Pure Pigments Metallic (pure silver), is carefully pressed into the bow of the lip and bottom lip line.
Meteor Feels
Meteor blue features add a statement with an almost sci-fi feel. First Pure Pigments Metallic (pure orange) is blended with Mixing Medium and then applied over the eyelid following the natural contours. Pure Pigments Metallic (pure copper) is pressed into the wet application defining the socket line with a futuristic bichrome metallic pairing. HD крем очна линия (lapis lazuli) and HD крем очна линия (sky blue) are mixed to achieve the on-trend shade before lining the eyes.
Liquid Gold
Pure Pigments Metallic (pure gold) is generously blended into Mixing Medium creating a creamy liquid metal. With a synthetic lip brush the lips are first lined then filled in with the gilded fluid. The eye is elongated with a combination of HD крем очна линия (lapis lazuli) before being set with Сенки за очи мат (night blue). To illuminate the skin, Pure Pigments Metallic (pure orange) is buffed into the cheek and brow bones before setting the foundation.

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