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Halloween Make-up Tutorial with a Face Mask

Since last year we all know the problem: an event or party is coming up, but nothing is working without a face mask – for your own protection but also for the protection of others. Now Halloween is very close and you are worrying that no make-up would suit to a face mask?
Then we have the answer for you! Our UK-based make-up artist Leanne has created an enchanting devil make-up tutorial for you which looks perfect in combination with a medical face mask.

Red Devil Make-up Idea for Halloween

Step 1: Build HD крем очна линия (ruby red) all over the mobile lid using the Blue Master Blending Brush Small and buff out for a soft defused smokey eye into the socket line. Next frame the eye by sweeping the HD крем очна линия (ruby red) under the bottom lash line, blending out and round the outer corner of the eye so it seamlessly connects to the socket line application.

Step 2: Following on, load the Blue Master Eye Shadow Blender Brush with Eye Shadow Matt in SM from the Сенки за очи палитра 18 цвята (V 2). Press the Eye Shadow all over the eyelid using the flat side of the brush, for an intense application of color. Without adding more color to the brush blend through the socket line to achieve a diffused, soft hue over the HD крем очна линия (ruby red).

Step 3: Next add intensity to the waterline using Faceliner Молив (10). Sharpen the pencil and carefully layer it onto the bottom water line building to an intense black. After this take the Premium четка котешко езиче 7 мм and load it with HD Living Color (silver). From the peak of the arch of the brow place the rounded tip of the brush at the root of the hair and sweep out towards the tail of the brow, highlighting the brow bone.

Step 4: Apply a thin layer of Hydro Spirit Gum 12 мл onto the mobile lid using the Blue Master Concealer Brush. Allow a little time for the application to become tacky and then press in Polyester Glimmer среден (bright red) cut. Use the same brush you used to apply the Hydro Spirit Gum 12 мл , this will allow the Polyester Glimmer to stick to the brush and reduces the chance of particles dropping onto the skin. Coat the lashes with Lash Revolution Спирала (black).

Step 5: Next up, embellish the eye make-up with Камъни украшения за тяло (red). The pack contains a variety of sizes, using the Пинсета правоъгълна tool, carefully remove each Body Jewel from the card and lightly coat the flat back with a little Hydro Spirit Gum 12 мл . Allow a short time for the application to become tacky. Sporadically place the varying sizes in small clusters with a focus on the inner and outer corners of the eye for a crystallized finish. Groom the eyebrows with Гел за оформяне на вежди .

Step 6: Then using Gel Eyeliner (black) carefully draw two delicate crosses below the outer corner of each eye. Using Multi Gel 50 мл, безцветен, lightly cover the neck and then press in Polyester Glimmer среден (bright red). Finally, drip Drying Blood 50 ml (dark) over the glittered neck to add a touch of gore.